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Tutorials and Tools

I plan on adding a lot of different tutorials to the site which will hopefully allow you to learn a little about writing HTML, CSS and of course how to make half decent graphics. For now there are several tutorials on how to draw horses by hand, in paint, and also digitally on a variety of different graphics design programs.

Useful tools for making HTML Layouts

Over the past eleven years of EbonyGraphix being online there have been several useful tools which I have implemented to allow you the user an easier time making HTML layouts and writing the HTML code yourself. I never tell anyone how to do it, I only advise and provide them with tools that can be used to create them yourself.

Horse Name Generator Tool

Cant think of a name for your horse? The generator will make one for you!
The horse name generator is a tool used to give your horse a name. It doesnt matter what online horse game you play simply click the generate name button and a brand new horse name will be displayed. If you are feeling creative then you can submit some horse names to the horse name generator too!

HorseIsle UTS Calculator Tool

If you play horseIsle then you know UTS are important, simply enter your horses inteligence and personality then select the breed and you get an instant calculation this tool is updated regulary when HorseIsle update their site.

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