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Heading of image
HTML Layout: Cheat Sheet
<img src=""> MyStable Logo
<a href = "" target="_blank">Go To MyStable</a> Go To MyStable
<H1>Heading 1</H1>

Heading 1

<H2>Heading 1</H2>

Heading 2

<H3>Heading 1</H3>

Heading 3

<H4>Heading 1</H4>

Heading 4

<H5>Heading 1</H5>
Heading 5
<H6>Heading 1</H6>
Heading 6
<b>Bold</b> Bold
<i>Italic</i> Italic
<strike>Strikethrough</strike> Strikethrough
<u>Underline</u> Underline
<tt>Teletype</tt> Teletype
<em>Emphasis</em> Emphasis
<font color = red>FontColour</font> FontColour
<font color = blue >FontColour</font> FontColour
<center>Center Text</center>
<div align="right">Align Right</div>
Align Right
<div align="left">Align Left</div> Align Left
Horseland Horse Page Purple #BB88BB
Horseland Dog Page Blue #99CCFF
Mystable Orange #FFCC00
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