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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I put the layout onto my page?

  • Go to HTML Horse Layouts
  • Click on the name of the layout you wish to view
  • If the layout is free for you to use the code will be shown.
  • Highlight all the code by left clicking your mouse and dragging it to the bottom line of the code.
  • Right click your mouse and select "Copy"
  • Go to the place you want the layout to be (make sure its for you to paste HTML)
  • Right click and select "Paste"

Q: Can you make me a custom personalised layout?

The answer is yes. If you dont want to use one of the free horse layouts or create a personalised layout through the Personal Layout Generator I am willing to make custom personal horse layouts for a price.

Cost: £40.00 GBP - Payment only avaliable through PayPal.

Q: How can I draw horses?

Please visit the tutorial section to view how to draw horses.


Q: What software do you use to make layouts?

I dont use any software to write the HTML code as its a very basic language and can be written by hand in simple Notepad. I do use Adobe PhotoShop CS3 to design the images for the layouts.

Q: Will you make me a personal layout?

You can make your very own personal layout using the "Personal Layout Generator".
Dont worry no coding is needed! Below is a screenshot of the personal layout generator.

Personal Layout Generator

Q: What hosting company do you use?

As EbonyGraphix has outgrown any free server space, I have had to move the site to a paid hosting service. I use a company that is very well know throughout the UK and USA and its called 1and1. Due to the sheer traffic and size that EbonyGraphix has gotten to I have had to purchase a dedicated server for this site, costs upwards of £70 a month.

Q: Do you collect personal information?

No personal information is recorded. If you send me a email your email address is discarded as soon as the reply is sent back to you. It is not sold or forwarded onto any third parties so do not worry about a thing.

Q: In the name generator page it says my IP will be logged what is it?

Only the IP address of the computer is logged this is to track how many unique visitors there are to the site and to help prevent people who use innapropriate content on my site to be blocked. Your current IP address is An IP address is the unique id of a computer it is used on EbonyGraphix to block a computer on that IP if they enter any innapropriate content into the horse name generator. A IP address does not give away any personal information of the user of the computer. Every computer in the world has one and its assigned by your internet provider.

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