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Type of horse game


Online Horse Games
MyStable: Online Horse Game

Mystable™ is a free to join online horse game which allows you to capture your own wild horses.

From there its upto you what you do, you can be a trainer, breeder, show master or even a professional trapper! The posibilities are endless and you can care for your virtual horse in every way you can a real one!

What you need to know

  • FREE to join
  • No monthly payments
  • Extremely safe for players of all ages

What you can do with the horses
  • Catch horses from the wild and tame them
  • Breed horses
  • Train horses
  • Buy / Sell horses in the sales
  • Buy / Sell horses through the auction house
  • Put your stallion avaliable for public stud
  • Feed horses
  • Groom horses
  • Send horses for a healthcheck at the vet
  • Send horses for new shoes at the blacksmith
  • Enter your horses into horse shows
  • Put tack on your horses
What exciting game features are there?
  • One of the most amazing online community forums.
  • Create your own horse shows.
  • Decorate your own player pages with HTML Layouts.
  • Be social and communicate with players through in game messages.
  • The ability to capture horses from the wild
  • See your horses in their own stable blocks
  • Live horse auctions
  • Weekly in game virtual lottery every Friday.
  • Special random event which give away free items & currency
  • Official Competitions which give away in game items.
  • Official Competitions which give away REAL items.
How safe is
  • Extremely safe
  • Many highly secure systems integrated into the game.
  • Child friendly
  • Safety filter intigration deeply routed into the game

  • Highly alert and well trained staff to help mak sure that players will remain safe when using the game.
What is the support from the staff like?
  • Kind and caring, highly trained staff
  • Fast user support
  • Highly trained and UK based (like the game)

MyStable The WildMyStable The WildMyStable The Wild





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